Murphy beds / Day beds

In the eighteenth century, called a simple bunk made of boards, today soft and padded, comes from oriental fashion, known in France as divan à la turque. Contemporary day beds are very comfortable furniture for sleeping, which also plays the role of mini - couches for daily use. Don't be fooled by the relatively simple design of this pieces - couches fulfill the function of comfortable bed with additional storage for bedding.

Day beds and Murphy beds are an excellent solution for small rooms, youth rooms or condos. It is well appreciated by elder people because of its compact size, simplicity of use, and functionality. Thanks to that it is becoming a favourite spot for a relax or a power nap. Our day beds are not only designed for short sleep it is actually a comfort driven piece of furniture which can be used for a regular night sleep. So you should take your time when making a decision. You will find here a pieces with foam or foam and bonnel springs mattress and storage underneath, this way we are raising the bar of a comfort. Some of them are equipped with adjustable backrest and decorative pillows too. This compact and comfy piece easily goes where it is needed you just have to choose your style. At you can find wide range of day beds - start browsing now.

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