Display Cabinets

Display cabinets were designed to give an open view to collectibles like barware, glassware, tableware, etc. Initially, it was a piece of furniture with glass panes on three sides to put on quite a display but watching a new trend, we can notice that it is evolving. Now it is more a combination of revealed and concealed storage. The display cabinet can stand alone, or it can be stacked on coordinating storage and media unit.

Books, vases, dishes, crystal, curios, and many more you can display in a glass-fronted cabinet. Contemporary design has changed traditional curios cabinets' look, and now it is converted into a piece that combines an open and closed space to display and stow. This way, it becomes a more versatile piece, especially scaled for small spaces when we want to have a nice display and some storage. If you want to accentuate your showcase and ad a dash of sophistication to your living space, you can choose a cabinet with an LED light. This way, it will become a focal point of your space. These pieces are perfect for a living room or dining. Most of our collections contain varying kinds of display cabinets, so you can choose between sizes and styles and decide what fits your space the best. Start browsing SmartFurniture.ca offer now.

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