Coffee tables

The coffee table is a prominent accessory in any living room or family room, giving a pull-together look. The great advantage of this piece is that it is not only a surface to hold your glasses, cups, books, magazines or remote controls, but it is also a stylish complement for your space, and it brings family and friends together around it. Functionality is important, yet the designer aspect these days comes first, especially in the living room. When choosing a coffee table, you should consider what you will be keeping at it and if you need and extra drawers under the top or additional bottom shelf. Decide what is most convenient for you.

When choosing the right coffee table, you have to consider its shape. Round, oval, rectangular, square? Well, it depends. Don't shoot in the dark; we are here to help. First of all, you have to pay attention to your sofa configuration. Sectionals work well with round and square tables, while rectangular and oval go well with traditional 3 seater sofas or loveseats. If you have kids, oval and round are useful around them. Newest trends show us irregular shapes as well, so you have to decide if it fits into your space based on size and style.

The height of the coffee table is as important as its shape so let's determine it. The height of a table shouldn't be lower than 1-2 inches than the seat of your sofa. The most popular height of the coffee tables is 16-18 inches.

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