Couch/sofa in Latin "canopeum" in French "ottomane" was first used in the XVII century. A century later, numerous forms were created depending on functions needed or region of origin. Nowadays, this piece of furniture is an integral part of every living room, family room, den or lounge. Since the sofa is such an essential element of our life, it is not easy to make the right decision when buying it.

Sofas are rooted in our interior designs so profoundly that they are unquestionable leaders in the upholstery industry, and it doesn't look like it will change anyhow throughout time. A wide variety of sofas offered has currently formed two types of customers' expectations. First ones are seeking a simple and comfort-driven piece of furniture for their living space, even better if it has extra features like a bed, storage or recliner. And the second ones are looking for something upscale and extravagant following the latest trends. We can't be wrong to say that the most common use of the sofa is to relax, watch tv, read a book or just spend time with friends and family. However, the sleeper sofa can also accommodate your close ones when they stay over. It can be a perfect addition to a youth room or guest room used as a sofa during the daytime and bed at night time.

Sofas are available in various options of sizes and features. Before you decide, you should determine what you want, what space you have, the functions you need, then find a product that combines all of your expectations and makes an investment purchase. Ask yourself what is your priority: following the latest trends or the best features you can get. Remember that sofas these days can have storage for beddings, pillows and blankets, bed, adjustable headrests, recliners and many more. In addition, you can customize it by choosing fabric or leather and match your new sofa with the furniture and decor around it. You define what you want, and you are more than welcome to browse offer and find whatever you need.

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