An armchair is one of the oldest kind of furniture in use by people. Its earliest forms were made with stone or metal and had more of a presentable character. In the Renaissance the armchairs shape transformed, getting more comfortable and dedicated to everybody. Yet the real flourish for an armchair came in XIX century, when the manufacturers started to place springs inside the seats. Other changes came in XX century - armchairs design was now more about the form and synthetics were used in the production process.

An armchair is the inherent piece of every living room, family room or any other interior where people use it as a place to rest. Placing it next to sectional or sofa may form a nice set. Who of us, an armchair doesn't remind of cozy evenings in front of favourite movie or book. An armchair became a part of our life. Nowadays we are situating it in even more rooms that we used to, we can complete decorating a bedroom, hallway or walking closet with it. For your convenience, you can put a nice side table next to an armchair this way you will have essencials within reach. Check out our accessories section and create a perfect duet.

These days we can find contemporary types of armchairs in a wide variety. Online store it's a perfect place to get an armchair or even a set of armchairs. We are proud to offer armchairs from classic to extremely modern style according to nowadays trends. Fabric or leather? Can't decide? - not a problem! We have them all! Fan of retro style? Good news! You'll find these pieces too! Even if you are picky with furniture, for sure you will find something perfect and comfortable to get a decent rest at your home. At the very beginning of your hunt, it is a good idea to define for which room you are looking to buy an armchair as well as what functions do you really need. No need to wait any longer, you are more than welcome to start browsing for a perfect piece of furniture in our online store now.

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