Sectional sofa or corner sofa was initially a clumsy piece of furniture. Yet it transformed through out time and became a classy and stylish focal piece at every home. Nowadays high quality components are used in its production process, and designers are still adding up new features to choose from, like adjustable headrests or sleeping function and storage.

Sectional is the ideal solution when smaller sofa does not give you enough sitting space. Of course we can add up to our sofa an armchair or chaise lounge, but in most cases we do not have enough area to fit an extra piece of furniture, that is why sectional is the best solution to such spaces – it offers relatively enough room when the whole family is gathering in front of the TV. We have to emphasize that overall style and design of sectional nowadays are matching perfectly in contemporary interiors. They do not look bulky, they are quite slim in most cases. Since sectionals are very neatly done, they can be displayed in the centerpiece of the room as a decoration itself. Crucial to do, is to measure precisely what space we must work with and then determine the size of the sectional we want to buy. Size should be optimal because we do not want sectional, which overwhelm a whole room. Another important factor when buying sectional is “facing” – left or right. Sectional side should be adequate to your TV section and other furniture in the room. We can take into consideration sectional additional functions which might be helpful. For instance, do we need storage? Do we need “relax” function? Maybe we already have enough sleeping space so we do not need an extra bed?

From the beginning, sectional sofa was a centerpiece in the living room. Various options of the corner sofas sizes allow them to be adapted to both spacious home living rooms and small spaces, such as a condo. Almost all sectionals available at are appointed with a bed and storage. It is the convenient solution to accommodate friends and family when they stay over. Contemporary sectionals have a number of additional functions, such as adjustable headrests and backrests, recliners, bars, movable ottomans, etc. For modular sectionals you can create a module-by-module L or U shaped sofa which will fit your space and meet your preferences perfectly. No home is complete without a sofa so adjust the corner to your interior style by browsing the extensive offer in our online store.

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    • Sweet Sit
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    • Unimebel
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